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Nissan Rogue Models, Trims, Engines, Features & Specs

A Powerhouse SUV For Any Lifestyle

The Nissan Rogue stands as a true powerhouse in the crossover SUV segment, offering a wide array of models, versions, trims, engines, comfort features, and specifications to cater to a diverse range of driving preferences and lifestyle needs.


The Nissan Rogue lineup encompasses various models, each tailored to meet specific requirements and driving demands. This lineup includes the standard Rogue, the agile Rogue Sport, and the eco-conscious Rogue Hybrid. The standard Rogue presents a robust and versatile option for individuals and families, while the Rogue Sport offers a more compact and maneuverable alternative, ideal for urban driving. The Rogue Hybrid is for eco-conscious drivers, combining fuel efficiency with the versatility and performance expected from a Rogue SUV.


In each model, Nissan offers a range of versions, allowing customers to select a configuration that best aligns with their needs and preferences. These versions may include the S, SV, and SL, each representing a distinct blend of features, technologies, and design elements. The S version serves as the base model, providing essential amenities and performance capabilities, while the SV version builds upon this, offering additional comfort and convenience features. The top-tier SL version represents the pinnacle of luxury and technology, providing a premium driving experience.


The trims within each version of the Nissan Rogue offer further customization, with options such as standard, premium, and luxury packages. The standard trim caters to practical needs, providing essential features and functionalities for everyday driving. The premium trim introduces enhanced comfort and technology, appealing to drivers who seek a more refined and connected driving experience. Finally, the luxury package elevates the Rogue to a premium level, incorporating top-of-the-line amenities and advanced tech features, creating a luxurious and sophisticated driving environment.


The Nissan Rogue’s powerful and efficient engine delivers impressive performance and fuel efficiency. The robust engine ensures a responsive and enjoyable driving experience, whether navigating city streets or embarking on long-distance journeys. The engine’s design emphasizes a balance of power and efficiency, catering to drivers seeking performance and fuel economy in their vehicle.

Comfort Features

The Nissan Rogue prioritizes comfort, offering a range of features designed to enhance the driving and passenger experience. These features may include advanced climate control systems for optimal interior temperature management, premium seating materials for luxurious comfort, advanced infotainment systems for seamless connectivity and entertainment, and thoughtful design elements prioritizing ergonomics and convenience for the driver and passengers.


The Nissan Rogue boasts impressive specifications, including advanced safety features for enhanced peace of mind, cutting-edge technology for seamless connectivity and convenience, a well-crafted design that balances style and functionality, and spacious interior dimensions that provide ample comfort and versatility for passengers and cargo.

A Compelling Choice in the SUV Segment

The Nissan Rogue’s comprehensive lineup of models, versions, trims, engines, comfort features, and specifications underscores its commitment to providing a versatile, comfortable, and customizable driving experience. With a focus on performance, technology, safety, and design, the Nissan Rogue continues to stand as a compelling choice in the crossover SUV segment, catering to a wide range of drivers and lifestyles.