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Goodbye to Gershaw

For over 30 years, Medicine Hat Nissan has been your second home, where a friendly face was greeting you as you entered, and fresh coffee was waiting for you in our lounge. We have been that long…long, scenic trip to the outskirts of the city for all your dealership needs.

As we pack up our offices we decided to say our “Goodbye to Gershaw” and show you how our team operated on a daily basis in our small facility, with behind the scenes footage of some of the daily obstacles we would face. From space heaters all winter when our heater wouldn’t work, to our not so beautiful boardroom where our team meetings were held (at one point the lights did work, we promise). And, we know our mechanics won’t miss having to manually pull-crank open each service bay… every day..every customer. (at least it made for a good workout!)  Yes, these are the quirky and sometimes not so fun challenges that we now get to smile and look back at and say, we will miss you Gershaw!

To all of our clients whom we consider our family, thank you for your support and patronage over the years. We appreciate you making that trip to see us, whether it be to test drive your new vehicle or keep it running smoothly through our service department.
We look forward to inviting you into our new ultra-modern home, where a friendly face will greet you as you enter, and a fresh coffee will be waiting for you in our lounge.

Medicine Hat Nissan on Gershaw Drive – Photo Gallery